I didn't think it was actually possible to make the swill-we-call-office-coffee any worse than it already tastes.

That is, until I used a packet of Splenda instead of sugar, just for the sheer hell of it.

The back of my throat feels like it is trying to peel away from itself. What kind of twisted mind tries to convince people that this shit actually is edible?

My apologies to the Splenda-converted. But this crap tastes like sugared feet.


SK and I recently got TiVO, actually our cable company's version of TiVO, and I cannot express how lame regular TV seems to me now. I can leave the room at any point and either pause live TV or come back and rewind what I missed. Plus I can record things while I watch other channels and then watch these things at a later time and fast forward through the commercials at 5 times the speed of VCR fast forwarding. Did you know that you can watch a whole week's worth of Oprah in about an hour and half? Especially if you skip her interviews with media skanks like Amber Frey.

The downside is we spend all weekend watching things we never get to see during the week, mostly because things are on way past my early bedtime. But now, because of digital video recording, my new obsessions are: The Daily Show, Drawn Together, and Reno 911, and I think I may start recording 360 With Anderson Cooper.

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