Before Tsunami

After Tsunami



Jury duty is perhaps one of the most foul experiences I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I may as well have just opened my mouth and asked a room full of homeless people to spit down my throat. I went home after leaving court and wanted to give myself the Karen Silkwood wire brush scrubdown. Why do people who spew phlegm always want to sit next to me?


pierced eyeglasses, a Christmahanukwanzaka gift for the body-modder who has everything.

Sunday night we went to see the Pixies in NYC. Despite being extremely excited, I was a bit apprehensive because these were, after all, my idols for a significant portion of my formative years. There is no band I love more than the Pixies, and that includes Stereolab. I never saw them when they were still together. I remember passing up the chance to see them back when I was in college because, well I don't remember why, but I remember thinking back then that I would have another chance to see them. Who knew that chance would come almsot 20 years later! I almost wet my pants when I found out that they were reuniting for a tour, and I hurried online to get the tickets.

As a sign of how old I am getting, I purposely got balcony seats so I wouldn't have to stand up in general admission in get sucked into a mosh pit or something (which it turns out was never an issue as the crowd, being all old like me, was not interested in mosh pits).

After the first couple of songs, I was getting upset because they really sounded terrible at first. I was regretting getting the tickets as I had no desire to see my idols so terribly fallen, and old and fat and bald and sloth-like. I get enough of that from the mirror. Despite them looking like a bunch of high school teachers (Kim Deal in dockers and a v-neck sweater is still punk rock, I suppose) they kicked in after the first couple of songs and really put on a show I was glad to have waited droolingly for. I can die a happy man now, and take solace in the addage, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Pixies, you still rock my world. And I feel old even writing that.


I am so tired today. Last night, SK and all three dogs were snoring at the same time. I almost had to go sleep on the couch. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, and I just happened to wake up to pee, and once I was up I couldn't get back to sleep, listening to all four distinct wheezing sounds in harmony.

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