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This blog has become a graveyard.

I can't believe that I haven't written on it in so long. I can't believe how busy I have been at the new job. I literally go nonstop all day long. SO different than before when I was sitting at a computer all day and writing and staring at a screen and being ignored.

I'm finally at a point in the new job that I can stop and breathe and read my email and start paying attention again to the things that are going on around me.

As busy as it is, I really love my new job. Unfortunately, I had to give up a really great teaching gig at another school starting next semester because I just can't be so busy in the future. This job is intense and I need the weekends to relax, and I have been teaching on the weekends at this school. I'm sad that I have to give it up, and I've met a lot of really awesome people there, but something had to go, and that was my only option at the moment. I envision a time when I go back there to teach. But I am really looking forward to starting the new year with only one job, not the 7 I usually have.

Yay for change!!!


I'm going fucking blind from the flourescent light above my veal box at work. When the Weasel worked in the maturation pen next to me, we always kept this light off because it is so bright that it literally sucks the pigment from your skin and turns your retinas red. But ever since The Weas left, the guy who changes the paper in the copier and makes sure there is milk in the fridge for coffee has been instructed that this light must now remain on, and it is killing me. I'm literally sitting at my desk with a baseball cap on trying to shield my eyes from the brightness. Since it's my last week here at this job, I'm thinking they are passive-aggressively torturing me for only giving them one week's notice! If I were staying, I would have to say something about the light. But since I am not, I'm content to sit here and squint. It makes it that much easier to ignore these people who I don't even want to say goodbye to as I run for the door on Friday.

Would You Say This Color Was Grape or Aubergine?

Our garden is finally settling in for its winter nap, which is unfortunate because there are still things growing in it, particularly our eggplants. We planted about 6 plants this spring, and they never really started growing until the end of the summer, at which point they started shooting up like crazy. Now the plants are chest high and producing tons of flowers, but just last night we had our first frost, which means all of the plants are going to be killed. We really only got like 2 eggplants out of the batch so far (and they were delicious!!) so I am thinking that next year we are going to have to start them early inside and then transplant them outside in order to reap their delicious bounty before first frost in October. Probably the same with our peppers, which yielded better than the eggplants but are still now flowering and trying to produce more peppers.

This was our first year with the veggie garden, and there were many lessons to be learned aside from the above mentioned ones. Next year we will not be planting acron squash or cantaloupe, and we definitely need to give everything just a little more room to spread out, especially the zukes and the yellow squash, which can really take over a small garden. And we had one cherry tomato plant that I swear produced thousands of cherry tomatoes. I've enever in my life seen a tomato plant grow to the size of a small tree!!


I just quit my job, and I could not be more excited. Not because I hated my job, because I didn't, but because I am leaving to enter education full time (finally!) I've accepted the position as the chair of a computer and digital media curriculum at a local college. This is really big, like life-changing for me, and I am really excited to be doing this. It's weird because I have always been a writing and literature teacher, adjuncting my little butt off anywhere I could, but this opportunity was too good to pass up, and I have been working for years now as a tech writer for computers and the tech industry, which is how I am qualified in this subject area to oversee the department. I'll be overseeing both the curriculum and the faculty for this department, and will actually be doing very little teaching, if any at first. Which is fine with me because I need a break from the endless stacks of papers to grade. I still have adjuncting jobs through Christmas, and after that I will need to decide if I can handle the adjuncting with all of the responsibilities of this job, and I will continue to write my little butt off and meet with my writer's group. Now I will just have endless meetings to attend and endless paperwork to keep track of instead of endless papers to grade. This is going to be a good thing, though. The school is in the process of transitioning to a four-year school, something that will probably happen within the next five years, so I feel like I am getting in on the groundwork of something really big.

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been completely stressed out and anxious for the last MONTH!! Yes, I started the process a month ago, met with a LOT of different people, was grilled and roasted by the faculty members who, I will be supervising, and then met with more people, and they finally were able to make me the offer today. I can finally relax and CELEBRATE. I feel like a whole new stage of my life has started, and it is hard NOT to be excited about that!

I'm on the verge of something big. BIG!!! And yet I can't say anything yet. Hopefully later today I can make the announcement. It's been in development for over a month now. The universe has been trying to teach me a lesson in patience, but unfortunately I'm failing the lesson because I have been nothing but anxious and stressed out for a month now.

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