I's Married Now!!

SK and I were among a handful of gay/lesbian couples to tie the proverbial knot on October 1st. Now that CT has passed the civil union law, we figured that we had waited long enough (14 years!!) and decided to do the deed right on the day.

It's been a very weird experience because as soon as the media got wind of what we were doing (thanks to giving our names to Love Makes a Family as media contacts), we were assaulted with phone calls. In one day, we were interviewed by the Associated Press, a couple of local newspapers, and were on the local NBC affiliate news last week. We were also interviewed by The Advocate to appear in the next issue, and at the town hall Saturday morning there was a reporter from NPR who interviewed us for the weekend edition of All Things Considered. By the time we were done with the NPR interview, I had really had it with all of the media attention and was really looking forward to slinking back into normalcy, and then during our reception Saturday night we got phone calls from CNN and yet another newspaper. We didn't return these calls. My days of being a media darling were short-lived and somewhat bitter.

The strangest thing about this has been that people at work have been telling me that they saw/heard/read about us in papers and radio programs that we never gave interviews to. We picked up a local weekly publication (Fairfield County Weekly) that had civil unions as the cover story, and I jokingly said, "Oh we'll probably be in this article as well," and sure enough, there was a quote from me, the same quote that everyone has been using!!

The reason we gave all of the interviews is because it is important for people to know that while this is still separate from marriage and hence not equal, I do appreciate the law and honor the fact that we were able to legally protect ourselves and our interests in the same way that married couples do.

We just can't count on that if we leave the state!


This season of Six Feet Under just isn't doing it for me. The characters seem just very out of character, and not in a natural-course-of-growth way. Claire, who I always found beautiful, seems witchy and haggard, Nate is a pussy now, Ruth is just sad and pitiful, and not in the way she was sad and pitiful in the beginning, David is plastic, and normalct just doesn't work for Brenda. I know it's the last season and all, but I wish they would go out with more of a bang. The characters just don't seem believable anymore. And I can't believe they haven't done anything more with Nate's dead wife's brother-in-law's suicide.

Maybe I'm just bored with it. Maybe they wait so long between seasons that I just don't care anymore. Will I remember that Tony and Carmella are separated the next time the Sopranos comes on?




Garden Blog

This year, we planted: two kinds of lettuce, two kinds of basil, red cabbage, pole beans, cucmbers, broccoli, eggplant, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, 4 kinds of peppers, horseradish, more strawberries, mint, rosemary, cilantro and curly parsley.

What I learned from last year's garden: I planted the eggplant too late last year, tomatoes need a lot more room than I thought, cucumbers like to climb, I'll invariable end up with more lettuce and squash than two people can possibly eat, which leads to my favorite learned thing from last year's garden: a killer recipe for bread and butter zucchini pickles!! YUMBO!!

Last year we also planted acorn squash and cantaloupe. They were both a disaster. This year it's broccoli and more peppers instead.

Since I have been forcing my students to blog in my classes now, I am sufficiently guilted in writing my own blog posts again. They have no idea what my non-school blog is, and hopefully they never will, but the guilt alone has brought me back. In my classes, I use the blogs as an exploration of public vs. private writing, how they are different, if there are different, and also as a way to get the students comfortable with a regular writing practice that may not necessarily be private.

I haven't been doing much of my own writing lately. I'm teaching on the night that my writer's group meets, so my weekly forced motivation has been taken away, and I just feel too burnt out, fat and lazy lately to do much of anything other than lounge about and garden. If only gardening were more aerobic! I guess I can start gardening at dusk and make swatting mosquitoes into a workout. But my night class ended this week, and I am determined to get back into my writing group. Unfortunately, my yoga teacher, whom I love and worship as a teacher, is moving to a different part of the state and won't be teaching my class anymore. I feel like I have dropped out of my own life for so long that everyone has been recast in more exciting roles.


Things that have happened since my last blog post:

> I repainted the upstairs bathroom and discovered that the window is rotting out of the frame and needs to be replaced.

> I hired a shady contractor who did nothing and charged me $180 to incorrectly measure the window.

> I spent an hour and a half in Home Depot trying to figure out if I needed to order a custom-sized window to replace the one the contractor incorrectly measured.

> Magoo killed another chicken.

> Our friends had their first baby.

> SK had a colonoscopy and found out he doesn't have ass cancer.

> We saw Tori Amos (again).

> I drove by myself to and from Kennedy Airport for the first time.

> I didn't get lost or cry.


What you are.


Our house is finally back together! All ceiling and walls and painted up in splendor! WAHOO!!!

SK's house caught fire when he was a kid, and now that our house had flooded, I sleep easier at night. What are the chances that twice in a lifetime one's house will either burn down or flood?

It's like that scene from Garp when the plane flies into the house.

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